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About Us

    LED Lighting Inc.

    LED Lighting Inc. was established in 2004 under the foundation of creativity and efficiency. We started our up-rise in LED technologies before the LED market was prominent. We were one of the very first LED technology companies, giving us a great head start in terms of experience.

    LED Lighting Inc. is focused on providing the best LED lighting technology by today’s standards. LED Lighting Inc. products are the leading standard in the OEM marketplace, thoroughly tested and backed with strong warranties. There are many reasons to choose LED Lighting Inc. for your OEM projects and equipment!


    Custom OEM

    Our Illinois lighting company features custom LED lighting for a wide variety of custom OEM applications, including:

    • Semi trailer interiors
    • Utility van interiors
    • Car interiors
    • Checkout lanes
    • Kiosks
    • Refrigeration cases
    • Signage
    • Video panels
    • Food service
    • Hospitality
    • Healthcare

    Trust LED Lighting Inc. in creating affordable and innovative lighting for your OEM project. From hotel suites to semi trailers, our Illinois lighting company supplies the best LED components for whatever you need.


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