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    LED Lighting Inc. offers a variety of solutions sure to provide high quality, energy efficient light no matter what your setup may be. Below are some of the popular applications our LED systems are used for.

LED Lighting Design for Garages

    Illinois Lighting Company Provides Premium LEDs

    Appropriate garage lighting increases safety in parking structures, improves sight in the repair bays, and showcases your new convertible display. LED Lighting Inc. provides several fixtures to make your garage truly unique. From Versa Bars to puck lights, to LED retrofits, the possibilities are endless. We outfit garages of all sizes, shapes, and foundations:

    • Single & multi-door
    • Brick
    • Steel
    • Concrete
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Attached
    • Detached

    Safe & Stylish Commercial Garages

    Parking garages, repair shops, and storage facilities all require sufficient lighting for improved efficiency and safety. If your business runs 24/7, having quality lighting is essential to functional operation during late hours.

    LED Lighting Inc. creates custom fixtures for garages of all types, including:

    • Vehicle repair bays
    • Auto showroom
    • Storage units
    • Parking

    Parking structures built from underground and up are typically used by sizable commercial buildings to provide convenient parking for visitors. The larger the facility, the bigger the parking garage and the harder it is to keep the premises well lit. A dark parking structure is a popular target for criminals hoping to steal cars or rob unsuspecting people. Low lighting can make it difficult for drivers to see, leading to fender benders. Sufficient lighting will keep employees and customers safe from crime and vehicles safe from accidents.

    LED lighting is a great option for parking garages in:

    • Office complexes
    • Hospitals
    • Shopping malls
    • Public museums
    • Universities
    • Hotels & resorts
    • Theme parks
    • Downtown city walks
    • Airports
    • Bus stations

    Our commercial LED lighting company supplies uniquely-styled LED fixtures for business garages of all sizes. No matter the location, our lighting experts have the knowledge in choosing the perfect component for you. Contact us today for a free quote!

    Home Garages Need Superior LED Lighting

    What’s more annoying than no lighting in your home garage? Dim, ineffective lighting! Most residential garages only have one overhead light, often part of a garage door opening system. The fluorescent bulbs under-deliver in all the wrong places. They don’t illuminate the entire garage and are a pain to replace.

    LED lights are great for your garage at home. They shine brighter and last longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs. LEDs are the right choice for any home garage, especially those doubling as a workshop or storage area.

    Our LED lighting company caters to all types of home garages:

    • Single
    • Double
    • Tandem
    • Multi-door

    There are many types of LED lights which can be matched to your garage. Puck lights can make it easy to find items kept in storage, while Versa Bars provide high-powered lighting where you need it when working with tools. Our LED experts will determine what type of lighting you need based on use. Call LED Lighting Inc. for a free quote today!

    Best LED Lighting System for Garages

    Fluorescent bulbs for garage lighting are a thing of the past. They are super sensitive to temperature changes and doesn’t shine as bright compared as LEDs. Fluorescent bulbs don’t last as long either, which takes a little more out of your wallet every time you have to replace a burnt bulb.

    LED bulbs are a great choice for lighting garages. LEDs are flexible in design, available in several different colors, and can fit almost anywhere. Overall advantages include:

    • Longer lifespan
    • Smaller in size
    • Durable in extreme temperature changes
    • Requires less energy

    Our Illinois LED lighting company provides all kinds of lighting options for garages. Whether you need lighting for a commercial parking garage, auto repair shop, or your own home garage, we have the perfect LED fixture. Don’t DIY your way into a mess; call us at 847-412-4880 today!

Lighting Ideas for Your Workplace & Home Office

    Spark Creativity & Motivation with Proper LED Illumination

    Office lighting is essential for more than just illumination; it maintains the energy level and ambience of a productive work environment. Lighting also contributes to the style and relating architecture. Combine all of these elements, and the need for effective lighting becomes more important than ever.

    Our LED lighting company supplies high-end illumination for offices, including at home. We outfit small and large work spaces with a variety of lighting fixtures, including:

    • LED tape lights
    • Puck lights
    • Dimmers/controllers
    • Versa bars
    • T8 tubes

    Save Money for Your Business with Energy-Efficient Lighting

    Energy-efficiency is important in the work world, especially when it comes to saving money. Heating and cooling an entire office building gets expensive and you need every opportunity to keep costs low. Who do you turn to for attractive lighting without breaking the bank?

    LED Lighting creates custom office fixtures that feature more than just energy-efficiency. Our lighting products also offer other benefits, and are:

    • Better for the environment
    • Pleasing to the eye
    • Easy to maintain
    • Adjustable for atmosphere control

    Appropriate Lighting by Room-Type & Function

    The workplace has evolved from one big room full of desks to office pods and even separate napping rooms. Inspiring quotes and colorful art often fill the walls, while yoga balls replacing swivel chairs. Offices are all about promoting productivity through employee health and comfort. It’s a brave new world in office interior design and LED Lighting Inc. is rolling right along with it.

    Computer monitors can strain the eyes, especially during an average 8-hour shift. The right overhead and accent lighting will reduce stress on the eyes. Our office interior lighting experts outfit the basic office floor-plan, including:

    • Conference room
    • Break-room/kitchen
    • Lobby
    • Separate office
    • Cubicle room
    • Locker room

    Need a LED lighting fixture for a different room? Our interior lighting designers work with your vision to produce a complete and custom-made component. The possibilities are endless; shop our collection of office led lighting today!

    LED Lighting Crafted to Energize the Home Office

    The home office can be styled in several different ways, depending on the kind of work environment you prefer. Should the lights be soft and natural, or powerful and heavy? Your workspace should help you focus, not create a distraction.

    LED Lighting manufacturing premium fixtures for all areas of the room, which increases productivity in your home office. The lighting quality encourages stable workflow and boosts mood throughout the day; it’s a win-win!

    We illuminate and accent offices with:

    • Cabinet lighting
    • Ceiling lights
    • Fixtures detached from ceiling

    Want a better workflow in your office or at home? LED Lighting is the answer to all office lighting fixtures. Whether you have a small or large workspace, we have the perfect fit for any desired style or look. We also craft custom LED lighting for ultra-specific office applications. Call us for a free quote!

Cook Up Some Style with LED Lighting in the Kitchen

    LED Lighting Kitchen Design Lets You Be the Head Chef

    LED Lighting Inc. creates LED displays to work perfectly in different parts of your kitchen, including:

    • Countertop backsplash
    • Stove
    • Underneath island
    • Ceiling
    • Toe kick
    • Underneath or above cabinets

    Having the right amount of lighting in your kitchen can be the difference between a fun night of cooking and a major headache. Without adequate lighting, your kitchen becomes unsafe. Fortunately, our LED experts will help you select the right lights for your kitchen setup. Check out our residential LED lighting design gallery for more inspiration!

    Culinary Color on Your Plate

    Our LED lights come in a variety of colors, looking great in any style kitchen. Choose from our featured LED lighting hues:

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Green
    • White

    You don’t have to choose just one color! Switching up the mood is truly effortless with our LED dimmers and controllers, changing from one color to another. Adjust to a vibrant red while preparing spicy flavors or go with a calming blue for an after-meal coffee and dessert.

    LED-Lit Commercial Kitchens Master the Main Course Effortlessly

    Appropriate lighting in an industrial-sized kitchen is essential for function and style. Our LED lights are long-lasting, inexpensive, and offered in a variety of trendy styles; the perfect three-fold for commercial kitchens. We provide Versa bars, puck lights, LED retrofit tubes, and other types of LED lighting for:

    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Cafés
    • Bars

    LED Lighting Manufacturer Spices up Your Kitchen at Home

    The ideal home kitchen should have enough space for preparing meals and entertaining, as well as sufficient lighting. If your kitchen needs an update, consider installing LED lights. A small change in lighting design can make a big difference. Whether you have a home bar, rec-room kitchenette, or 1st-floor kitchen, our interior LED lighting designers can transform your cookery into a classy gathering spot.

    Home kitchens vary in design and layout. LED lighting is versatile enough for any type of kitchen, including:

    • One-wall
    • Galley
    • Horseshoe
    • With island
    • Peninsula

    LED Lighting Inc.’s designs fit any corner, nook, and cranny of your residential or commercial kitchen. From warm-colored Versa bars to cool-hued LED tape lights, the style possibilities are endless. Look to us for custom LED kitchen lighting and let our ‘top-chef’ lighting designers impress your taste buds.

Commercial LED Lighting for Restaurants, Bars, & Cafes

    Elegant Eatery LED Design from Illinois Lighting Company

    Your food joint might boast about their show-stopping entrees, but what about the atmosphere? Aside from the food, restaurants, cafes, and bars across Illinois must keep their interior appetizing and attractive to patrons. The menu might be delicious; however, the lack of classy lighting will drive diners away.

    These days, restaurants are all about the ambience and experience. The food industry continuously strives to dazzle foodies with the next best thing. Follow these simple tips from LED Lighting Inc. to create a better customer experience and boost your business:

    • Keep lighting decorative, but overall functional
    • Opt for adjustable lighting for “mood-changes” between breakfast, lunch, and dinner crowds
    • Select lighting to coordinate with the restaurant’s theme
    • Use lighting useful beneficial for customers, not the architecture

    LED lights are perfect for bars and eateries due to their long-lasting life and energy efficiency. From initial concept to final installation, we are the lighting experts who handle it all. Let Illinois’s commercial LED lighting company create a one-of-a-kind design for you!

    Restaurant Lighting Fixtures for the Hungry Crowd

    Feature open buffets or sit-down service? The type of lighting selection depends on the offered dining experience. Keep the profit rolling in with our custom-built restaurant LED light fixtures:

    • LED dimmers & controllers
    • LED tape lights
    • LED puck lights
    • LED tube lights

    LED Lighting Inc. will recommend the best type of light and control for your specific location. The lights best for the atmosphere of a late night bar will be very different from those used at a family diner.

    Belly Up to the Bar with Innovative Lighting Designs

    Lounges, bars, and clubs also share the need for the perfect atmosphere and vibe. Bar-goers who love the nightlife flock to stylish establishments to let loose and want the environment to match. This means appropriate lighting design, which can be installed anywhere, including:

    • Under or over bar table
    • Behind bar and alcohol shelving

    The type of bar you own determines the lighting style and other interior elements. What best describes your business:

    • Public or intimate?
    • Traditional or modern?
    • Active or relaxed?

    By answering these questions, you’re taking the first step to finding the right lighting solution for your business. Don’t know what LED to choose? Our bar interior LED lighting experts know how to create the best setting with illumination. Trust our Illinois lighting company to get it right the first time.

    Café LED Lighting Creates Quaint & Cozy Atmosphere

    Cafés aren’t as wild and loud compared to nightclubs. A lunch date, study session, or business meeting require a much quieter environment, including the ambience lighting. Ultra-bright lighting can get too distracting and intimidating, yet low-lighting is not enough for patrons hoping to read or work on their computers.

    LED Lighting perfects the art of commercial illumination with their eye for style and sophistication. We feature the industry’s cutting-edge technology in LEDs and install custom-made fixtures for the following:

    • Indoor & outdoor café
    • Coffee shops
    • Bistros
    • Wine bar
    • Bakery
    • Deli
    • Fresh market

    No matter the space or schematic, we outfit your coffee corner with the best LED lighting. Call us for more style ideas now!

    Inviting Exterior Lighting for Food Establishments

    The exterior of an eating establishment serves as a customer’s very first impression. Poor entrance lighting, signage, and lack of parking lights instantly gives customers a ‘red flag’ of instant regret. They’re already judging your restaurant before even taking a bite.

    Create a great first impression with LED Lighting Inc. We supply Versa bars, tape lights, and LED tubes, perfect for any restaurant outdoor parking lot, entrance way, advertisement, or decorative sculpture. We also supply LED specialty lighting for offices, especially small restaurant offices. Trust our commercial LED lighting experts for grade-A quality and friendly service.

Attractive LED Lighting for Hotels, Pools, & Casinos

    Rest Your Head Under Classy Lighting from LED Lighting Inc.

    Hotels and resorts are meant for ultimate relaxation and enjoying life without the 9-5 grind. Whether it be a road trip, business conference, or quick weekend getaway, the end result will always include some form of leisure. Shouldn’t the lighting be relaxing and not a reminder of the bare bulbs at the office?

    LED Lighting Inc. features all types of lighting for hotels, which showcases its architectural beauty and novelties. We provide lighting fixtures for:

    • Guest bedrooms & bathrooms
    • Hallways
    • Resort lobby
    • Ballroom
    • Conference center
    • Fitness center
    • Spa
    • Gift shop/boutique

    Whether you need a small or large lighting addition to your resort, we’ve got you covered. Our wide selection of LED products can be used anywhere for maximum lighting and ambience. Bring your hotel to life with our premium LED lighting; call our Illinois lighting manufactures today to get a free quote and more information!

    Exquisite Casino LED Fixtures for Testing Your Luck

    Win by the higher hand and add exquisite LED lighting to your resort’s gambling area. Adding colorful lights to any corner of the casino dramatically changes the atmosphere and attracts guests into gambling.

    Take your casino to a new level and add LED lighting to:

    • Slot machines
    • Poker tables
    • Restaurants & bars
    • Roulette tables
    • Nightclubs
    • Craps tables
    • Theaters
    • High-rollers area
    • Blackjack tables

    You don’t have to bet against the odds with LED Lighting Inc. We manufacture the most unique and innovative lighting fixtures for a beautiful decorative touch.

    LED Lighting for Pools, Waterfalls, & Cabanas that Up the “Wow” Factor

    Leisure and luxury go hand-in-hand with indoor or outdoor pools for hotels and resorts. Setting the bar high for your pool area includes adding underwater lighting, accent LEDs underneath fountains, and soothing backlights in the cabanas.

    If you’re looking for basic in-ground pool lighting or colorful coordination along with an entire outdoor deck, our pool LED lighting manufacturers build custom fixtures for everything under the sun. We outfit all indoor and outdoor pools and other water features, including:

    • Lap pools
    • Hot tubs & Jacuzzis
    • Fountains & waterfalls
    • Natural hot spring spas
    • Lazy rivers
    • Pool bars
    • Cabanas & pool lounges
    • Poolside spas

    Illinois Lighting Company Sets Themselves Apart with LED Fixtures & Components

    LED lighting is a better illumination option compared to other types of bulbs. LEDs are brighter, smaller in size, and have a longer lifespan than traditional lightbulbs, which proves a high-level of cost effectiveness. Since resorts, hotels, and other entertainment venues often need a lot of lighting in common areas and individual rooms, LEDs are the way to save money.

    Don’t know which type of LED fixture would put your hotel in the best lighting? Our commercial LED lighting installation professionals know exactly what you need to make your resort shine like a diamond in the rough.

    • Versa Bars
    • LED Tape Lights
    • Puck Lights
    • LED Tubes
    • Dimmers/Controllers
    • Connectors

    Aside from resort lighting, we also supply fixtures for hotel kitchens, and more.

Commercial LED Lighting Applications

    LED Lighting Inc. for Business Lighting Ideas & Designs

    LED Lighting offers dozens of lighting options for businesses, office buildings, and other commercial applications.

    • Office buildings
    • Commercial kitchens
    • Restaurants, night clubs, & bars
    • Public restrooms
    • Hotels, resorts, casinos, & public pools
    • Theaters
    • Garages
    • Retail stores & storefronts
    • Outdoor parks & sports complexes

    There are several benefits of LED lighting for business owners, including:

    • Energy-efficient
    • Versatile
    • Programmable
    • Available in extensive variety of color options

    Set the mood with LED lighting for your bar, night club, or restaurant and highlight your feature products or sales with retail LED lighting. We have a full selection of LED fixtures and styles for your business:

    • LED Tape Lights
    • LED Versa Bars
    • LED Puck Lights
    • LED T8 Tube Lights
    • LED Dimmers
    • Customizable LED lighting

    Retail LED Lighting

    Highlight your displays and create a visually sales-leading atmosphere with retail LED lighting from LED Lighting Inc. We supply the most state-of-the-art LED lighting products to create an eye-directing, distinct LED lighting design throughout your retail store. With a full selection of advanced, color-changing and programmable LED tape lights, LED versa bars, and our newest LED lighting technology: the LED Lighting Inc. trademarked Versa Bar 2, your LED retail lighting options are limitless.

    Business LED Lighting

    Create a uniquely inviting atmosphere with LED lights for businesses. LED Lighting Inc. supplies quality LED lighting products ideal for lighting up your bars, night clubs, theaters, office lobbies and any social or professional atmosphere. Make a distinct impression with dynamic and programmable LED lighting options.

    Shop our full selection of LED tape lights, LED tube lights, and LED versa bars, the innovative business LED lighting of the future.

    Point of Purchase (POP)

    Light up your retail displays or trade show booths with LED lights. LED Lighting Inc. supplies a vast variety of LED lighting options. Bring attention and highlight your products in your Point of Purchase display with tape light, Versa Bars, Puck lights, and custom LED Flat panels.

    Corporate and Industrial LED Lighting

    LED Lighting Inc. offers the latest in cost-saving, energy-efficient LED lighting for large scale corporations, industrial facilities and nationwide offices. Our patented and UL listed T8 LED tube lights are the most technologically advanced in their kind. T8 LED tube lights are the ideal solution to lighting multiple buildings within large corporations at the most efficient cost.

    Let LED Lighting Inc. provide your company with a greener future. Replace your inefficient HID lights with our energy-efficient, low maintenance, programmable commercial LED tube lights and save even more money with our LED Retrofit Systems. Check out our Commercial LED Lighting Photo Gallery now.

Residential LED Lighting Applications

    LED Lighting Designs & Ideas for the Home

    LED Lighting Inc. outfits homes with exquisite lighting fixtures and designs. We provide LED lighting for any corner of your home, which instantly upgrades the appeal and décor of the room. Our lighting fixtures also add value to your home.

    Install our LED lighting designs to any room of your home, including:

    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Bedroom
    • Home office
    • Rec room & finished basement
    • Home garage
    • Patio, deck, & swimming pool

    Our innovative LED Lighting products include a lot of benefits and advantages, compared to other bulb types:

    • Versatile
    • Energy-efficient
    • Available in a selection of colors
    • Programmable with dimmer or controller

    Contact our Illinois lighting company for ideas and designs for the home. The possibilities are simply endless.

    Custom LED Lighting Fixtures

    LED Lighting Inc. provides a variety of LED designs and fixtures for your home. We have different sizes and shapes for whatever room you want to install classy lighting.

    Our LED lighting company offers:

    • LED Tape Lights
    • LED Versa Bars
    • LED T8 Tube Lights
    • LED Dimmers
    • LED Puck Lights
    • LED custom lighting

    Shop our selection of LED lights for the home and see what a difference a little quality lighting makes!

    Interior LED Lighting

    LED Lighting Inc. offers a variety of LED lights and accessories to make a distinct visual statement in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, rec rooms and throughout your home. Light up your kitchen with kitchen LED lights including our energy-efficient recessed puck lights, under counter LED lights and versa bars. Add some extra light and appeal to your hallways and stairways with LED track lighting.

    Bring some creative, mood-setting personality to your rec rooms and basement bars with LED tape lighting. Take your LED lighting vision to the next level with a customized LED lighting package tailored specifically to your blueprints and specific application.

    LED Lighting Inc. will help you bring your home to life with our innovative, energy-efficient and custom LED lighting products.

    Outdoor LED Lighting

    Light up your backyard with weather-proof, outdoor LED lighting products from LED Lighting Inc. Get rid of your inefficient halogen pool lights and discover your endless options with cost-effective, energy-efficient LED pool lighting. Our LED pool lights provide colorful visual appeal with programmable, dynamic color-changing capabilities. Complete your entire backyard atmosphere with creative LED lighting. Set a fun and relaxed mood in your backyard oasis with outdoor LED lighting for your patio and backyard bar.

    Shop our full selection of LED puck lights, LED Versa Bars and LED tape lights ideal for any residential LED lighting applications or contact LED Lighting Inc. for a customized LED lighting package designed to your specifications. Check out our Residential LED Lighting Photo Gallery for more ideas and designs.

LED Lighting for Parks, Plazas, Gardens, & Sports Complexes

    Illinois LED Company Provides Lighting Fixtures for Outdoor Effects

    LED Lighting Inc. features several different LED products to liven up and accentuate unique outdoor structures. In the daytime, public parks are beautiful thanks to natural lighting. At night, LED lighting takes center stage. The right lighting drastically changes the atmosphere without any expensive construction. It’s a simple way to make outdoor areas safer at night.

    Our Illinois LED lighting company outfits any-size park, garden, or outdoor sports complex with energy efficient LED fixtures. We provide puck lighting, Versa Bars, tape lights, and more for an energy efficient alternative and cost-effective price. Custom LED lighting for outdoor parks is also an option for more complex designs and sculptures.

    Bring Outdoor Parks & Plazas to Life with Premium LED Lighting

    Public parks and plazas are a great way to enjoy the outdoors but still have modern comforts. Parks these days are more than just grass and walkways, they focus on all types of activities.

    The more popular types of parks include:

    • Dog park
    • Skate park
    • Beer garden
    • Disc golf park
    • Children’s park
    • School park
    • Nature park

    Business plazas can be more industrial in design and typically include local cuisine, shopping, sitting areas, and more.

    We provide LED lighting fixtures for all plaza design elements, including:

    • Café & restaurants
    • Shops
    • Outdoor sculptures
    • Garden planters

    LED Lighting Transforms the Public Garden into a Majestic Wonder

    Public gardens are a great place for the local community to take-in the fresh air, enjoy the sights, and relax outdoors. Whether grandiose or simple, gardens bring the beauty of nature to one place. Popular styles of gardens include:

    • Rock
    • Asian
    • Butterfly
    • Water

    Gardens have evolved into more than just a place for showcasing plants and flowers. Many gardens include architectural features for a modern spin on an old tradition:

    • Terrace
    • Pavilion
    • Gazebo
    • Courtyard

    Our Illinois LED lighting company supplies different shapes and fixtures for public outdoor gardens. The more specific the garden, the more creative the lighting design options. Contact LED Lighting Inc. today for a free quote!

    Score Big with LED Lighting for Outdoor Sports Parks & Arenas

    LED Lighting Inc. provides light fixtures for sports parks, stadiums, and arenas. Sufficient lighting for physical activity is important, but LEDs are far more effective in cost, lighting, and longevity, compared to fluorescent lights.

    Athletic complexes and parks vary with the type of sport:

    • Baseball diamond
    • Football field
    • Soccer field
    • Golf course
    • Horse racing
    • Lacrosse
    • Outdoor volleyball
    • Track & field
    • Outdoor swimming pool
    • Rugby field
    • Motor racing
    • Tennis court

    We have a complete variety of LED lights to fit your sports complex, park, or arena. Find your style with our LED tape lights, T8 tubes, puck lights, and Versa bars.

LED Lighting for Kiosks, Vending, Transportation, and more!

    We offer comprehensive LED lighting solutions for original equipment manufacturing and research projects in nearly every industry. Our company is committed to lowering maintenance and energy costs in order to increase ROI and payback periods – all while delivering a superior quality of light.

    With our comprehensive line of LED products featuring flexible LED tape, controllers, power supplies, and connectors, our skilled technicians are prepared to handle a multitude of lighting needs. Our skilled OEM technicians are available to discuss mock-up designs, prototyping, and alternative solutions for even the most time-sensitive projects.

    Improve Sales and Customer Experience

    A brightly lit, self-service kiosk can make all the difference when there’s a rush of customers. With the rise of self-checkout lanes and fast food kiosks, many customers demand the efficiency that these DIY services provide. LED lighting can enhance many areas of customer experience, including:

    • Ticketing kiosks
    • Vending machines
    • Pay stations
    • Drive-thrus
    • Self-service ordering kiosks
    • Self checkout

    Increase Safety

    LED Lighting Inc.’s solutions can improve visibility and safety for many transportation applications, including:

    • Semi trailers
    • Utility vans
    • Mobile workstations

    Add a Splash of Color

    If you’re looking to enhance or add pizzaz to a vehicle’s interior, look no further than LED Lighting Inc’s custom OEM solutions. Our products are suitable for customizing nearly any vehicle, including:

    • Tour Buses
    • Limosines
    • Party Buses
    • Recreational Vehicles (RV)
    • Camping Trailers

LED Lighting Custom Applications

    Custom LED Lights for Commercial and Residential Needs

    LED Lighting, Inc. is set apart from our competitors by customizing your order. Whether you need a residential or commercial LED lighting design, our LED Lighting technicians are happy to do all the work to figure out exactly what you need. Just send us your design or specifications and we will figure out the rest.

    We customize everything from kitchens, wine cellars, outdoor living areas, commercial buildings, restaurant bar lighting, nightclubs, sculptures and even train stations.

    Our Illinois lighting company outfits the following commercial and residential applications:


    • Restaurant, café, & bar
    • Park, garden, & sports complex
    • Office
    • Retail displays & storefront
    • Public restroom
    • Outdoor sculpture
    • Hotel, casino, & pool
    • Garage
    • Movie theatre
    • Restaurant kitchen
    • Concert venue
    • Outdoor landscape


    • Bathroom
    • Home office
    • Kitchen
    • Cabinets
    • Sunroom
    • Outdoor living
    • Rec room
    • Personal bar
    • Garage
    • Bedroom
    • Outdoor landscape
    • Pool

    If you have questions about our LED Lighting Products or would like a custom quote based on your LED lighting design, please contact us by phone or email. Our LED Lighting products are carried by approved suppliers across the United States.

    LED Lighting Fixtures for Custom Light Designs in Any Room

    LED Lighting Inc. can create custom light fixtures for spaces of all kinds. Covering from small to large spaces, our custom lighting designs provide efficient lighting and a classy touch to any room. Our specialty LED lights come in a variety of designs:

    • LED Linear Lighting
    • Connectors
    • Versa Bar
    • LED Drivers
    • Dimmers/Controllers
    • LED Tubes
    • LED Drivers
    • Puck Lights
    • Extrusions

    Our Illinois lighting company features LED light fixtures for bedrooms, kitchen cabinetry, storefronts, restaurant bars, and more. No matter the size or type of space, we can create a custom LED lighting design for what you need. Call our custom LED lighting designers for a free quote today!

    Custom LED Lighting for Room Enhancing Effects

    Special LED lighting displays or back drops always deliver a visual effect which is at once soft as well as stunning. It enhances every surrounding while highlighting every aspect of your décor. LED lights soften a room’s ambiance while brightening it at the same time.

    Improve your building’s existing lighting with an energy-efficient and attractive solution and rely on LED Lighting, Inc. As a leading commercial LED lighting dealer, we will help you create a unique lighting design. LED Lighting Inc. has provided creative lighting displays for a variety of businesses and homes. Browse our residential and commercial LED design gallery now to see some of our most recent projects.

    Virtually everything and anything can be enhanced and highlighted by the subtle and expert use of LED lights. When properly installed, LED lights provide an immediate and attractive element to any room. Clients often receive complements on their remodeling when all they did was utilize our expertise to design an effective and beautiful LED lighting display. LED lights are a durable, attractive and affordable energy efficient lighting solution.