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September 13, 2018

LED Color Psychology

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Six Ways RGB LED Lights Help You Create an Emotional Atmosphere
Colors have an amazing effect on behavior. Different colors impact the brain in different ways. A bull sees red and charges towards a bullfighter. A peacock displays a vibrant hue of green and blue to attract a mate. Different colors compel the human brain to feel different emotions too. LED lights, with the clarity and vibrancy they offer, are capable of conjuring an emotional atmosphere. What emotion, though, depends on the color…

Red: The color of love, passion and intensity. Red is an emotionally extreme lighting option you cannot resist looking at. This color grabs your attention and heightens emotions for passion.

Orange: An uncommon color providing originality and a sense of uniqueness. Said to inspire optimism, this color in LED provides an ultra-modern feel to any room while promoting happiness.

Yellow: Enhances concentration, but capable of overpowering the senses. Use a subtle amount of LED yellow lighting to promote an atmosphere of concentration. Too much yellow in a room though is known to upset people subliminally.

Green: A color people connect primarily with nature. Green is known to relax the mind. If you put LED lighting in a lounge or bar setting, this will give customers a comfortable atmosphere to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Blue: A color for truth and loyalty. Like green, blue is known to put people’s minds at ease. Having blue LED lighting in a home setting will help you relax. This color also creates an atmosphere of cool. Perfect for any home or establishment wanting to show off a hip taste in style. Another tone of blue worth considering is turquoise.

Purple: Known as the color of royalty and wealth, this color provides an otherworldly glow to any room it imbues. Purple LED lighting is both romantic, inspires creativity, and is an excellent choice for social gatherings.

LED Dimmers and Controllers Put the Power in Your Hands
If you’re having trouble choosing a color suiting what you need, you don’t have to choose. With LED Lighting Inc.’s color changing RGB LED Controllers you have access to all of these colors. So when you install LED lights in your home or business, you’ll be able to change between a chic social atmosphere and a relaxing, calm one at the touch of a button. We also carry dimmer switches so you even have control over the brightness of your lighting.

Seize the power of color! Enhance the emotional atmosphere in your home or workplace with the addition of color changing LED lights now.